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Jane Roman Pitt

Jane lives many musical lives. From her classical training as a child she grew to appreciate all kinds of music, and has included elements of classical, folk, jazz, country, and ethnic music into her work. In all these forms, Jane’s music invites introspection and seeks to have a calming and uplifting influence. “Pitt’s original songs are very sunny things about nature and hope that she somehow brings off through sheer sincerity.” (Cadence Magazine)

She has been writing songs ever since she discovered, at 15, that if she played guitar instead of oboe she could sing at the same time. Following early years of college concerts and coffeehouse gigs, Jane recorded “This Beautiful Feeling” for Unity Records. Three albums followed: “Wind Off the Water,” recorded in Nashville and produced by Grammy winner Mac Gayden, and “Peace of the River,” recorded with some of the Detroit area’s finest jazz musicians. Jane’s most recent offering is “Midnight Lullaby,” a collection of contemporary lullabies to be enjoyed by all age children and adults, written by well-known songwriters like Dylan, Dixie Chicks, Wilco, Sade, Tom Waits, and more.

Jane’s choral pieces are published by Transcontinental Music Publications, and distributed by Hal Leonard. Winner of the Grand Prize at the Amadeus Choral Competition, Jane’s pieces range from the mixed meter counterpoint of Psalm 139, “If I Take the Wings” to the folk style setting of “Iowa Gold.”

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Ken West, Photographer

I am a fourth generation photographer. My great grandfather, Daniel Marion West, opened a photography studio in the early twentieth century in Maries County, Missouri. My grandfather, Harry Gordon West learned about photography in my great grandfather's studio. My grandfather was a fine portrait painter and his award-winning photographs traveled in national salon exhibitions throughout the U.S, Canada, and Europe. My father, Kenneth Gordon West Sr., grew up learning about photography and art from his father and later pursued a career in the graphics arts. He became a nationally recognized leader and pioneer in the graphic arts industry.

In the master apprentice tradition, I learned about the principles of photography from both my grandfather and father. By applying these principles and using today's digital technology, I capture the dynamic range of light and color present in the landscapes of Iowa.

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